Making a Booking

Make a booking using our mobile application.

Making a Booking

Booking image 1

1. Tap the "Send Parcel" icon on the Home Screen.

Booking image 2

2. Select your desired service type (dropoff or pickup). Select your pickup date for the pickup or select a drop point for dropoff service, then tap "Next".

Booking image 3

3. Enter the sender details in the required fields. You can also choose to use your default billing address or pick one from your Address Book.

Booking image 4

4. Enter the recipient details or choose one from your Address Book.

Booking image 5

5. Enter your parcel details. These details include the contents, value of the contents, weight and the number of parcels. Tap "Add Parcel" and repeat the process if you wish to add more parcels.

Booking image 6

6. Tap "Submit" to add a booking and proceed to your Booking Cart.

Booking image 7

7. Find your booking on your Booking Cart list and tap "Checkout".

Booking image 8

8. Check the details then tap "Checkout Now" to pay using your XendCredit balance and complete the booking process.